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Gamers Juggernaut Presents:

Brain Boost Arcade

Discover our educational suite tailored specifically for K-12 students! We're passionate about infusing learning with excitement, and our suite is crafted to do just that. Packed with engaging games, it seamlessly integrates education with enjoyment. These games not only expand concepts and reinforce development but also delve into historical events and cultural understanding. They're designed to assist students in learning essential skills like math, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and coding. Whether it's for Field Day, on-campus events, summer programs, or after-school activities, our suite offers the perfect solution to make learning both enriching and fun for students.

Our Games

The following is a list of games currently available in our Brain Boost Arcade program. (Check back often as we are always adding to our catalog):

Big Brain Academy


Each game in the series asks players to complete tests in which they must answer questions or solve minigame-style puzzle activities in order to calculate and measure the "mass" and "age" of their brain. Minigames are designed to test player's memory, logic, math, and analysis skills, with each one being able to be completed in under a minute. Some tasks that have appeared in several entries in the series include being asked to spot differences between images, ordering numbers from lowest to highest, and repeating a given order. Solo or multiplayer.

Game Builder Garage


Have you ever dreamed of building your own video games? The Game Builder Garage™ software is a great place to start! Anyone can learn the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons.

Ready to take the lead? Let your imagination—and curiosity—run wild in Free Programming, where the sky is the limit!

Add Nodon to your programming screen and decide how they interact to bring your game to life. You can even choose the music or an exciting theme. Solo or up to 8 collaborators.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader logo.jpg

More than 6800 questions on topics like animal sciences, vocabulary, math, and more are delivered by a diverse, fully voiced, and animated cast of characters. Beat each challenge alone or together with family and friends in exciting couch co-op multiplayer gameplay to prove that you are, in fact, smarter than a 5th grader! Solo or up to 8 players.

Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness

Professor rubiks brain fitness logo_edit

A new challenging experience in the Rubik’s family of products!
The game contains 22 mini-games. These are proposed as simple and quick mini-games, which provide an intense challenge when played with an decreasingly shorter timer! Each game is designed to train one or more specific brain functions: memory, concentration, calculation, visual following, 3D vision, strategy and more!
In addition to the mini-games, the game includes 4 puzzle games allowing for longer gameplay sessions. Each can add hours of fun!

Educational Games For Kids

Educational Games for kids logo.jpg

Suitable for boys and girls from ages 3 to 18. A pack of 21 different games with 51 variations that educate in various ways like: reflexes, logic, math, memory and knowledge. Keep track of your student's progress with our statistics. All games have easy-to-learn controls with interesting and fun things to do.

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