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We are operating at 100% capacity: up to 36 players when playing 4 player games (20 players inside and up to 16 outside). We will sanitize before and after use of the trailer. Please call with any questions or concerns before booking. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.



For general parties, a $100 deposit is required to hold your reservation date and time. For corporate events, the deposit is $500. Balance is due no later than 2 business days prior to your event. Please provide cancellation requests as soon as possible. Cancellations are accepted up to 14 days of the event without penalties. 



Our general service area is a 20-mile radius from Tacoma WA. After 20 miles travel fees can vary from $30-$120 depending on the travel distance. Please call before booking to confirm travel fees.



The Mobile Game Truck will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes prior to the reservation time to park and set up. We require at least 55 feet of space (typically the front side of most homes). We may have to block your driveway to open the outer screens. We ask that during this time the area be free and clear of cars so we can pull up and set up promptly. Any delays will affect the client’s game time. Additionally, our Game Coach will never disconnect the truck from the trailer at a party/event for safety reasons. We will NOT travel on unpaved or dirt roads as the trailer is not designed for these conditions. Use of VR Experience tents require additional space and setup time and are only offered as an add on service. 



If there are guests who are sensitive to lights and sounds please notify the game coach prior to your party. The game trailer is equipped with laser lights, color changing LED lights, and music.



The mobile game trailer is designed for all types of weather conditions. The trailer is insulated and climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. In the event of severe weather (lightning, high winds, flooding and/or extremely heavy rain or snow), we may reserve the right to reschedule your service to guarantee the safety of you, your guests, our staff and equipment. During unpredicted heavy rain, we may temporarily limit guests to the interior of the trailer for safety and to preserve our electronics until rain slows or stops.



Gamers Juggernaut LLC shall not be responsible for any damage to property resulting from a request by the client to position the trailer. This includes both above ground and below ground property/equipment damage. Additionally, we reserve the right to charge the client’s credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or willful damage of same by client’s guests. Gamers Juggernaut LLC does not assume any responsibility for any injuries sustained on the client’s property or their designated location. All liability for damages or injuries is the sole responsibility of the client and/or host.



Our Game Coaches will not play any “M” rated games in the video game trailer without authorization from the client prior to the party/event or adult approval at the time of the event. If you wish to have an “M” rated game or higher at your party/event please let us know. Otherwise we will offer games in the Everyone (Minecraft, Mario, NBA, Madden) and Teen (Injustice, Star Wars Battlefront, WWE) rated category.



We require a parent or responsible adult to be on or near the trailer at all times to supervise their guests. Parties with guests under the age of 16 require a parent or guardian to be on the property and within contact should the game coach need to reach them.   We are not allowing children under the age of 8 in the trailer unless supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.



Gamers Juggernaut LLC is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect on the site to make bookings as simple as possible and to enhance your overall experience. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.



While your party is in effect the Game Coaches occasionally take pictures of the party from inside or outside the trailer. We may use these on our website or our Facebook, Instagram, X, or TikTok  page. If you DO NOT want our Game Coaches taking these pictures or posting them please notify the Game Coaches   prior  to the start of the party.



We do NOT allow any food or drinks into the video game trailer, this includes gum/candy. Any gum or candy removal will incur cleaning fees billed to the client. Please have your guests consume them outside of the trailer prior to entering. 



You may serve alcohol at your event or party; however, we reserve the right to refuse, cancel or cut short any party or booking when alcohol is being served.   Alcohol is not allowed in the trailer at any time. Drugs of any sort will not be tolerated in or around the equipment. Any observed use of illegal narcotics or legal narcotics used in an illegal manner will result in the termination of the party immediately with no refunds.


Online Games:


Online games are available depending on the internet signal in the area of your event, We have Verizon for internet access. We also have an ethernet cable available that can be connected on site to your modem for a better online experience.



The Game Coaches are there to make sure that your group is making the most of the gaming experience. The team is there to aid each guest in having a great time for all gaming levels. Tipping is appreciated, but not required.

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